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Choir Camp Counselors!

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Meeting [Mar. 5th, 2006|04:07 pm]
Choir Camp Counselors!
[mood |busybusy]

Hey guys I thought I would post to update on what went on during todays meeting. Todays meeting was very short and basically we talked about coming up with ideas for themes and to recruit more people to volunteer for this years Choir Camp. We are meeting the last Sunday of March to talk more about this year and to start planning for it. Do you guys have any ideas for themes? I was thinking about forgiveness.... what do you think? If you have any ideas on themes or bible passages leave some comments. I hope to see three of you at the next meeting.

On March 26 (the day of our next meeting) there is going to be a chimes performance by the church school kids so you are all invited to attend the service and watch the kids perform. I think the songs they are learning are Jesus Loves Me, Amazing Grace, and another song.

Hope to see all of you soon! <3

[User Picture]From: moaningmyrtle24
2006-03-08 05:51 pm (UTC)
I can't come to the next meeting, either!! All of my DDA Team meetings are on Sundays, from like 12-4. This sucks.

Keep filling me in.
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From: pjbapril89
2006-03-11 02:02 pm (UTC)
I'll keep filling you in on what happens during the meetings. Do you have any ideas for themes or bible passages?
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